Since 1998, through the generosity and willingness of Saint Mary’s community and friends, we have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children and young adults in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Over 20 years ago Saint Mary’s began fund raising efforts to establish an education sponsorship program for 20 children in Haiti. At that time one of our priests, Rev. Ellen Hanckel met Rev. Kenol Rock, a Haitian priest who led several Episcopal congregations in the far South of Haiti with overwhelming needs. When asked what we could do to help, he asked if we could help the members of his main parish send their children to school. Over the years by the grace of God and with the generous support of St. Mary’s community and friends, this education sponsorship program continued to grow and over 300 students of all ages were able to attend school.

In 2012 Saint Mary’s began partnering with Education Equals Hope (E=H), a non-profit organization which had established similar education sponsorship programs in other countries. The fund-raising administration for our Haiti education fund was then transferred to E=H.

Saint Mary’s members, together with many other donors, continue to support this program in Haiti through that organization, bringing the gift of hope through education to students who live in desperate and difficult situations.


In 1998 Saint Mary’s Saint Mary’s partners with Education Equals Hope (www.educationequalshope.org) to provide the gift of hope through education to over 400 students in the South of Haiti each year.

There are two ministry sites that we support in Haiti:

Les Cayes with over 100 students who receive tuition assistance to attend various local schools in the Les Cayes area'


Cavaillon with an average of 280 students who attend the local church school that we support in addition to providing tuition assistance to nearly 30 orphaned secondary students.