Our Leadership

The Reverend Jill Beimdiek
Interim Rector

The Reverend Alice Marie Mills
Associate Rector

Tina McGready

Organist and Choir Director

In the Episcopal Church, the governing body of each parish is the Vestry, composed of members elected by the congregation according to the terms of each parish’s by-laws. In addition, members include operational officers, such as the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Elections are held each Fall at the annual parish meeting, at which reports are heard from the Rector and the various Ministries of the church. While Vestry members have specific assignments within these Ministries, all of them are available to members of the congregation to hear suggestions or concerns.

Our current Vestry is composed of fifteen lay members, together with the Rector:

 Members of the Vestry

John Begg, Senior Warden

Greg Smith, Junior Warden

Birch Cannon, Treasurer

Ron Williams

Rusty Applegate

Gwen Sanquintin

Susie Vitaris

Clint Burdett

Cheryl Carroll

Jack Burdett

Elizabeth Simmons

Liz Kellam

Steve Hirsch

Reese McCurdy

Jan Jernigan


Saint Mary’s Ministry Chairs

Worship – Jill Beimdiek
Welcome – Greg Smith
Formation – Marti Hooten
Parish Life – Rusty Applegate & Elizabeth Simmons
Stewardship – Chisolm Beckham & Happy Begg
Patoral Care – Alice Marie Mills
Outreach – Louise Deahl

Delegates to Diocesan Convention

Laura & Claude Ferry
Redick Loring, Anida Mims