The activities in which we are currently involved include:

  • Snack Pack - Providing bags of food for selected students over the weekend.

  • Book Distribution - At the end of each school year, presenting each student with new or gently used books of their own selection.

  • Books for Teacher and Classroom Libraries - Supplying supplemental reading for classroom use.

  • Pre-school Teacher Workday Desserts - Offering desserts at lunchtime, along with goody bags filled with markers, pencils, band aids, and snacks.

  • Teacher Gift Cards - Providing all new first-year teachers with an Amazon card for supplies.

  • Christmas Angel Tree  - Under the direction of the school guidance counselor, selected students and their siblings are each gifted with “something they’d like, something they need, something to wear, and something to read”.

  • Breakfast for The Men of Distinction - Furnishing monthly breakfast for 5th grade boys taking part in a leadership program.

  • School Supplies  - Through Red Wagon donations, combined with purchases from Outreach, providing amazing number of school supplies.  Crayons, notebooks, and scissors are included, but so are headphones, whiteboards, and underwear.

  • Teacher Appreciation  - Showing gratitude by presenting teachers with breakfast during Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Tutor - Reading with students on a weekly basis. 

  • Ladies Love Math Day - Lady parishioners engaging with students in fun math activities.      

St. Mary’s was Leaphart Elementary School’s Volunteer of the Year!


The partnership between the St. Mary’s congregation and Leaphart Elementary School began with the church providing weekly Snack Packs, and has evolved over the past several years to a much greater commitment.