A Spiritual Retreat for those experiencing homelessness or in transition.

The WEEKEND OF HOPE is a 3-day spiritual retreat (sponsored by His Hands Ministries, Inc.) offered to those who are currently experiencing homelessness or in transition. As of September, 2019 there have been 6 weekends of this type held at various locations: 4 overnight weekends at the Gravatt Conference Center in Aiken and 2 “commuter” weekends hosted by Saint Mary’s.

The participants join a volunteer lay and clergy staff from several Christian denominations who volunteer to staff this ministry – these include members of Trinity Cathedral, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, Trinity Baptist, Watershed Church, Little Zion Baptist Church, Mt Horeb United Methodist Church and others. The weekend is designed to provide groups of 6-20 participants a retreat from their everyday lives, giving them an opportunity to renew their faith, experience God’s love and commit themselves to becoming a help and a blessing to others.

Participants and staff listen to talks, share discussion and reflection time, worship, pray, eat and sing together throughout the weekend. The retreat ends with a worship service with anointing of hands for service. Participants are charged to return to their community as witnesses and change-agents, to support others who are experiencing homelessness and strive to build a Christian community and support network.